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How to Calculate Freight Charges Guide

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Freight rates are simply the cost of transporting a certain cargo from one location to another. Historically, that is where the simplicity stops, since the formulas used to determine these rates may vary according to the method of transit (road freight, air freight, or sea freight), the kind and shape of the item, the cargo’s weight or volume, and the distance to the delivery location.

To give you an understanding of how shipping freight rates are determined and calculated, we’ve put up a guide outlining how shipping freight rates are determined and calculated across the various modalities. We’ll also discuss air freight, road freight, and courier rates, but we’ll start with sea freight.

Sea Freight prices are often quoted in the form of a freight quotation, and the structure of these quotes varies according to freight forwarder and sea freight firm. While new surcharges seem to be added on a regular basis, your marine freight quote will almost certainly include the following freight and fee elements.

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