Wherever possible our dishes are prepared to order using the freshest, most sustainable, hand picked market produce, reflected by our small, constantly evolving seasonal menu.


Served Daily from 5pm


Spring Vegetable Bouillon
a delicious clear soup with homemade vegetable wontons

Curly Scots Kale Salad
with fire-roasted red and golden beets, ‘late’ corn and fresh herbs set
over a sweet potato emulsion

Charcoal Grilled Calamari
over a spicy Asian slaw with a toasted peanut sauce

Wild Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto
crimini, shitake, porcini and portobello mushrooms with orange zest,
creamy ricotta, fresh herbs and truffle oil

Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels
in a white wine, roasted tomato, lemon and black olive broth

Arugula Salad
with shaved parmesan and a mustard seed dressing

Pan Seared Diver Scallops
over a creamy polenta, baby spinach and bacon ravioli
with a port wine reduction

Pappardelle Duck Pasta
a rich duck confit ragout with fire-roasted heirloom tomato’s,
baby artichoke’s, fresh herbs and shaved parmesan reggiano

Chicory, Endive and Lady Apple Salad
with mixed baby greens, toasted pistachios and a lemon vinaigrette

Grass Fed Lamb Meatballs
served over soft polenta with a sweet onion relish
and a fire-roasted tomato and okra sauce

Homemade Sweet Potato Ravioli
with toasted mole papitas, fresh herbs and melted farmhouse butter


Char-Grilled Herb-Marinated Hangar Steak
with a gruyere, parmesan, cheddar and chive potato pie,
wilted baby spinach and a natural jus

Roasted Leg of Colorado Lamb
served alongside a crisp baked potato shell packed with a herbed carrot smash and
collard greens, caramelized cippolini onions and a rosemary jus

3 Way Long Island Duck
pan seared duck breast, duck leg confit and steamed duck wontons over a
quinoa, black cherry, dandelion and napa cabbage hash with a blood orange and tamarind sauce

Maple Glazed Pan-roasted Pork Tenderloin
over a delicious white-bean horseradish ragout and curly scots kale with granny-smith
apple oil, fresh herbs and an aged balsamic reduction

Oven Roasted Chicken Breast
with double-baked pan seared sweet potato, sauteed green beans and a
sundried cranberry herbed gravy

Traditional Shepherds Pie
with a savory lamb and beef filling topped with creamy mashed potato and
shaved english cheddar, served with peas flamande and a crisp sweet relish

Charcoal Grilled Alaskan Salmon Filet
set over fire-roasted red beets, steamed wild and jasmine rice with
spring greens and a blood orange beurre blanc

Pan Roasted Polenta Dusted Atlantic Cod
over whipped celery root puree with sautéed broccoli rabe and a
port wine, currant and cranberry emulsion

Seafood and Petit Pan Squash Chowder
packed with scottish salmon, lobster, calamari, shrimp, clams, mussels,
and cubed new potatoes in a herbed, fragrant broth

Homemade Linguine with Tiger Shrimp
with shallots, wild mushrooms, spring peas, pancetta and cherry tomato’s tossed in
a rich chablis and maine lobster broth

Vegetarian Moussaka
layers of eggplant, zucchini, squash, vidalia onion, portobello, carrot and fresh herbs baked in
a creamy gouda infused béchamel set over a fire-roasted tomato and okra sauce


Empire Apple and Lemon Bread Pudding
With tahitian vanilla ice cream, toasted papitas and caramel sauce

Triple Chocolate Filo Pie
Served warm with homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream and hot chocolate

Maple, Ginger and Pear Marmalade Ice Cream Sandwich
With toasted almonds, gingerbread and butterscotch sauce

Traditional Crème Brulee
With lavender essence

Whipped White Chocolate Mousse
With chocolate chips, almond cookies and a berry compote

Homemade Pistachio Ice Cream
With a warm milk chocolate sauce and toasted Pistachios

Almond Milk Rice Pudding
With apricot and orange compote (vegan and gluten free)

Trio of Homemade Fruit Sorbets
Ask your waitperson for the daily selection